Who is Maria Durbani?

Maria Durbani is an stage character based on the look of the famous Barbie Doll represented by her and sometimes by performers, created by Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez . Mariam born from an experiment, his adoptive dad is a talented water seeker, popular for knowing the exact depth of the water veins, helping a lot of people build water wells, from Vigo, Spain, Mariam’s parents are hidden royalty children from Saudia Arabia; Mariam is a popular famous world traveler Canadian resident, plastic surgery consultant, writer,model, musical artist and fashion designer popularly know as Maria Durbani her stage name and also Spanish Barbie” for his similarity to the Barbie doll; Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez is director creative and designer for clothing brand MANI COLLECTIONS by Maria Durbani and the founding owner of the modeling agency MDK.Fashion Models International Models&Talents Management .

Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez (Maria Durbani) try to stop the war of Lybia saying heavy artillery is for kill wild animals,

she did homage to the Interpid Sea ship knowing that it was built to kill the 20 and 30 meter sharks of the Ocean Pacific

big sharks jump and make dangerous the flights between America and Oceania

Nowadays this ship is inactive since trying to kill giant sharks cause giant octopuses to reach the coast

2000 years ago the first products were made to defend oneself from wild animals,

today we live in a society with installations consuming a lot products in a very calm way”